LSSA Academy


The LSSA Academy was started with the purpose of getting every young soccer player as many touches on the ball as possible. The old model of rec soccer was broken, and we needed a fix. You cannot have young players only train 2-3 times and then play 8-10 games, because no one progresses. Sure, the faster or more aggressive players score goals, but even they are not learning the skills needed to be successful later in their soccer journeys and possible careers.

Our LSSA Academy trains around 15-17 times each season, and plays around 3-4 friendlies (scrimmages) against other teams. This model allows for the players to get a lot of individual instruction and begin the process of ball mastery, which is essential to become a high-level soccer player. Our Academy generally feeds our full club soccer teams as they advance to the U9 level. We have found that our teams are more capable of competing at higher levels when coming out of the Academy, with players that are much more comfortable with the ball at their feet instead of playing kickball.

The LSSA Academy registration is based off of birth year, similar to the regular club soccer, but is generally open to those that are 5-8yrs old.