About us

Our Mission

LSSA is home to Fairfield County Ohio's United soccer teams. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the soccer skills of our your. Established in the 1980's, we offer boys and girls ages 7-19 an opportunity to play competitive soccer, while being taught by dedicated, licensed coaches. Our goal is to provide your player with the best possible soccer experience in the area. We strive to create a fun, exciting and healthy activity that will instill sportsmanship and develop soccer skills that will allow enjoyment of the sport for years to come.

LSSA Philosophy

LSSA is dedicated to enhancing the knowledge of the player, coach and parent in the game of soccer; and to ensure that fun and excellence are the priorities of the club by mastering the game through the best training methods while teaching the values of good sportsmanship and teamwork. We are a club that believes first and foremost in player development. While competing to win is the premise; we always emphasize the development of the payer and the team. Winning is the byproduct of excellent coaching, training and players who learn to execute techniques and tactics on the playing field. Coaches should be mentors to our youth - building character and developing skills that will help the child both on and off the pitch for the rest of thier lives including:

Emotional Discipline - how to conduct oneself in a competitive environment

Corporate Association - teamwork

Work Ethic - phyically and mentally working hard

Personal Responsibility - punctuality

Leadership - learning to give and receive instructions

Sportsmanship - respect for others